Videos of Rotating Tower in Dubai

May 18, 2007 at 8:22 pm (Dubai, Dubai Projects Video, Videos)

The latest real estate development in Dubai is a tower with four rotating penthouses and a rotating villa that has its own car lift. The new tower will be located in Jumeirah Village South and will contain 72 units. The rotating units are able to rotate 360 degrees and residents can choose if they want the rotation to occur in three, six, 12 or 24 hours. You have to admit that’s definitely cool. The brain behind this development is Faisal Ali Moosa, who actually saw a series of rotating villas in Germany, and decided to create his own version in Dubai. A Saudi prince has already placed a DH 25 million bid on the single villa at the peak of the tower that has it’s own car lift and three parking spaces.



  1. Stephane said,

    ok. so they figured out how to get the floors up, but how are the people living, in the building, supose to get from one floor to the other.. if the building is always moving then what happens to the elevator shafts?

    • Apoorva said,

      I’m guessing they probably have scope for that somewhere in the axis.

  2. paul said,

    good site

  3. debs said,


  4. Zafar Iqbal said,

    Dear Brother,
    What a wonderful vision of the future.It is not fair and appropriate,if I do not commend your efforts in exploring the hidden secrets of the universe…………………………
    Every day we see a “unlimited sky “on our head,without any pillar.Who made it?
    A person of your caliper can understand better,the creation of the universe.
    Is the rotation of the Dubai Tower is controlled by someone or it is haphazard?
    Is the rotation of trillions of the stars is haphazard or controlled by someOne?

    Let us not forget to praise That One,who is the Architect of this world.The Greatest,The only One,The best,……………….ALLAH, The creator.

    I pray for your success……..You are excellent………….
    Zafar Iqbal,
    Medical Technologist,King Faisal University,Dammam.Saudi Arabia.

  5. Mohmad Ashraf Khan said,

    This is the real wonder of the world. Before no one can even imagin this. this is highly appreciable architicheral work.

  6. omprakash said,

    will it rotate 360deg/day, then how can i come out if it keeps on rotating on its own

  7. ahlaam said,


  8. mounish said,

    can we make the tower complete 360 degrees in the time we desire?

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