Dubai to beat world’s cities with record-breaking six supertowers

May 28, 2007 at 11:04 am (Dubai Projects Video)

Dubai: The fast-changing Dubai skyline will sport at least six “supertowers” of more than 100 habitable floors, more than any other city in the world, as per information available.

The supertowers are Burj Dubai (where work continues after the completion of 126 floors), Burj Al Alam (slated to rise to 108 floors), the 101-storey Marina 101, Princess Tower (107 floors), the 120-storey Pentominium and Al Burj (which is expected to have between 180 and 200 floors).

Most of these buildings are in various stages of planning and construction although Burj Dubai – tipped to become the world’s tallest tower – is powering ahead, adding a floor a week, and at least three others are in the early stages of construction. Work on Al Burj is not expected to start until Burj Dubai, whose height and floor-level are closely-guarded secrets, is completed.

So Dubai will remain in the news for developing supertowers until at least 2015. No city other than Dubai and Chicago hosts more than one supertower.

Chicago has two – the 108-storey Sears Towers and the 100-storey John Hancock Center. A third, the 118-floor 7 South Dearborn tower, is under construction

source: Gulf News



  1. Planet Apex said,

    A very interesting post. However check out this post for a different take on dubai building race….

    Al Burj Tower – Dubai building 1km high World’s Tallest Landmark?

  2. alex said,

    no this is a joke burj dubia will be the biggest its not 169 stories high how the hell would you no its not finished yet the end finish high will be 198 stories high almost 1km high and the 198 stoires is only room the finish top with the lighting pole (engery pole) could make it over thw 1km mark (1000 meters).

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