The Emirates Palace Hotel Video

June 5, 2007 at 7:47 pm (UAE)

The Emirates Palace (Arabic: قصر الإمارات) is a luxury hotel located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) city of Abu Dhabi. The hotel was built by and is owned by the Abu Dhabi government, and is currently managed by the Kempinski Group. Not too far from the hotel is the Marina Mall, one of two large shopping malls in Abu Dhabi city. According to some local residents of Abu Dhabi, the best view of the hotel can be obtained along the long stretch of road leading to the hotel (Corniche Road).

With a construction cost of over US$3 billion, 302 superior rooms and 92 magnificent suites, the Emirates Palace is reputed to be the most expensive hotel ever built [1]. Much of the interior decor is in gold and marble. The main central area is particularly impressive with a expansive marble floor, balconies and a large patterned dome above, picked out in gold.

The hotel also contains a luxurious, technologically advanced conference centre [2]. World-renowned music artists and other concerts have already taken place at the Palace Conference Centre.Source


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