Dubai Metro : One of the most advanced urban rail systems in the world Taking Shape

June 7, 2007 at 4:05 pm (Dubai Metro, Dubai Projects Photo Gallery, Photo Gallery)

The Dubai Metro system, currently under construction, aims to ease this congestion and reduce passenger travelling time.4 Lines are being constructed:

The Dubai Metro will be one of the most advanced urban rail systems in the world and will be the catalyst for tourism, financial and economic growth. Investment costs for the full system have been assessed at a grand total of about AE$14.3bn, including civil works, stations, system fixed equipment, trains, engineering and financing.


Length (km) Completion Route
Red Line 52.0 2009 Rashidiya to Jabel Ali
Green Line 22.5 2010 Al Qusais to Al Jedaff
Blue Line 47.0 2011 Dubai International Airport to Jebel Ali Airport, along Emirates Road
Purple Line 49.0 2012 Dubai International Airport to Jebel Ali Airport, along Al Khail Road



  1. Ravi said,

    Superb article / post.

  2. Ramesh Natarajan said,

    Dubai’s vision of the future looks very bright.

    The articles you have posted are very good.

    Best Regards,
    Ramesh Natarajan, Dubai
    Fusions.. Views and Thoughts of a Global Indian

  3. sakeer said,

    Dubai will become a very preplanned city, Dubai’s future looks very bright.

  4. kausar said,


  5. jia said,

    great will sure help the people living across Dubai &will reduce the problem of traffic.
    the future of Dubai seems to be very bright.

  6. Shareef said,

    what a fantastic project!!! never thought dubai will reach to this phase..

  7. Jonathan v said,

    very good planed projects,dubais. Future is very brigth indead

  8. Mohammed Raza said,

    This project is very good
    I like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. roswell said,

    great project! awesome idea for new Dubai!!!!!!!!!

  10. Saad Mukhtar said,

    Really Dubai will change alot ……… the best

  11. Mel said,

    careful, we don’t need a economy crash !

  12. noe said,

    a very expensive project. but how much money they’ve spent for palestin ?

  13. Aiman said,

    technical telant from india ??????!!!!!!!!!

  14. hassan said,

    WOW!!! its wonderful i never thought dubai will get at this stage so quickly

  15. justabo said,

    Viva UAE !!!!!!!

  16. D S Rathore said,

    Can any one please specify how to be the part of this project i am having the experiance in this field

  17. Lal said,

    This Metro Project is quite a feather in Dubai’s cap.

  18. muna said,

    This a Amazing

  19. Roopesh kumar said,

    very good planned and very fantastic city that have never emerged on earth. god bless dubai. and myself too.

  20. jun said,

    Most Filipino Engineers working for this project are truly & competent Engineers.

  21. Abdul Ashraf Mahammad said,

    its a Beauty…full City….
    I Love to be here rest of my life….

  22. kalay lal said,

    look like indian matro train 🙂

  23. Mahipal Mangillipally said,

    People’s traffic stress Reduce Only “Dubai Metro”.
    come soon Dubai metro……………………………………………………….

  24. Krishna Vaya said,

    Hey the link is just too good, amazing, cant wait for the Dubai metro to be starting.

  25. Nasser Marafie said,

    Dubai is great since 5 years ago, in two coming years what do u think it will happen? AMAZING ¡¡¡

  26. mohamed said,

    veree good metro dubai mohamed moroco

  27. Samuel said,

    From the research i’ve done, Dubai and Japan are going to be two of the most advanced places on earth in a couple of years….

  28. Mimi said,

    omg, it’s great. i love it. keep up the great work Dubai !! 🙂

  29. Ian McMillan said,

    Dubai is very fortunate to be a developing city in the present day. They dont have the constraints of cities like London. Good planning is key to a prosperous future.

  30. Ritesh Bulchandani said,

    This the Best Project I Ever seen in my Life except Burj Dubai , palm jumaira all those

  31. naz said,

    Great pics, do you know where I could find a clearer picture of the map?

  32. Rafi said,

    Rafi says it is fantastic train! Safty is first in this train!

  33. Kaleem said,

    I salute to all Team to make “Dream Comes True” in Future Dubai looks like Virtual
    Dubai is Incredible….
    Praying for all Workers who spending their time hard and Hazard

    Kind Regards,
    Muhammad Kaleem

  34. حسن علي said,

    مشروع ظخم ريادي في العالم العربي و تتصدر دبي العالم العربي من حيث التميز في المشاريع و تنفيذها و اتقانها لحل مشاكلها بينما العالم العربي يرزح تحت الروتين القاتل امام مشاكل بسيطة جدا
    ان دبي مفخرة لنا كعرب و استطاعت ان تعري كثير من الانظمة الفاشلة و نشكر حكومة دبي بان جعلت الحكومات توضع في المقارنات و غيرت بعض اليشي في اسلوب ادارتها لامورها او عالاقل من امتهان شعوبها امام قلة الموارد و كثرة السكان و غيرها من المبررات الواهية
    انني فخور بدبي بالذات و فخور بالامارات كدولة عمرها الحقيقي 40 سنة و بلغت هذا النمو و التميز و الله يوفق المسؤلين فيها و يحفظها من كل مكروه و يديم فيها الامن و الامان و هو ما يميزها عن سائر الاقطار

  35. Varghese V. George said,

    Very good. How to get a job in Dubai Metro . Currently I am working in New york city Metro ( subway)

  36. saijal koodathil said,

    the future of Dubai seems to be very bright

  37. Mervin said,

    Amazing, it’s really a mind blowing project. Well done DUBAI.

  38. mohammed zulfiqar said,

    Hi iam trying to find some info on the new Metro recruitment process, iam currently a Train Operator working for London Underground whomis looking for a move with my family…………….

    Many thanks

  39. Vishal Bhavsar said,

    wow tremendous effort for spectacular project
    wonderful !!!!!

  40. Bait Al Hikam said,

    its a very-very modern transportation system

  41. rendur said,

    so wonderful……….so amazing.. it will reduce the traffic in dubai…. thanks for all the people involve and to the one who gves this idea..

  42. Masroor Ali said,

    fantastic… is going places…thats for sure

  43. mohd husain said,

    today is the time of construction in asia but in dubai it is highly appreciated ,the project is a big project that will grow the future of dubai.

  44. Muhammad Usman said,

    dear all kindly send me detail of route dubai metro service ,i am working on as a producer Geo news

  45. Kuttichakku said,

    Being an Indian, I could compare Bombay Metro Railway, which helped its business as a backbone from wasting man hours in heavy road traffic… This visionary step in Dubai, Dubai Metro Railway, with its most modern ecofriendly standards will definitely help her for its prosperity ahead.

  46. ralf said,

    i want know how is name engineer contruction the metro dubai ???
    i´m a técnic wnat work in the city … thanks

  47. degas antony kochin. said,

    its really great to escape from traffic chaos.

    really admiring our great ruler.H.H.SHEIKH MOHAMMED THE


    MOB -0503587427

  48. joby said,

    vry fantastics

  49. Ahmad said,

    Dubai is the best

  50. kamal said,

    This great to see how effiently Dubai is come over its biggest menance of traffic.
    i would love to work there.

  51. G RAMASAMY said,

    So wonderful…..It will reduce the traffic in dubai….
    thanks for all the people involve and to the one who gves this idea..

  52. Rashmi said,

    the project is fabulous!! its really wonderful

  53. S.M.Arif Muqeem said,

    Hay! I think this is one of the most moderanized and amazing metro i have ever experience. Dubai administration is really using their head to construct this massive and lucrative and off course the most convient approach for pupils of all walks of lives. I really pass my best wishes to the Dubai administration of building of future dubai most required need of the the resident of dubai.

  54. smd said,

    it is possible that, dubai will come a wonderfull city, after complete work of metro

    wish you all the best

  55. siddharth kumar said,

    i want to know about metro rail project and its related jobs,i think its a nice and excellent project in the world

  56. k.seikh abdullah said,

    i like verymuch,and also no one isespecting like this,it is realy good.

  57. MR said,

    i wish metro wud be available all over UAE!!

  58. SANDEEP said,

    DUBAI metro rail look r great

  59. yawar jahangir said,

    ITS wonderfulll. that will produce hundereds of jobs in dubai also. i will say thats a great acheivement of dubai Government. ALLLF MABROOOOOOOOOOK TO DUBAI GOVERNMENT for successfull compleation of metro dubai.

  60. Tina chahale said,

    Its wonderful!
    Dubai is going places. Its a place of beautiful things to see.

  61. Caroline Wangeci said,

    Bravo Bravo!!!!! Long live the people who came up with that fantastic idea, I cant wait to enjoy the ride! may they live long to build even better means and transform Dubai to be one of the world’s best destinations. KEEP IT UP!

  62. alok said,

    being a worker of this project,feeling very very happy with such a wonderfull project in dubai,expecting it helps a lot to all catagories of people

  63. kenny said,

    it is a fantastic metro in world it gives high salary to eng.

  64. Dan said,

    Lets see if the mighty little Dubai survives this credit crunch. The whole Dubai project whilst visionary, is not sustainable. I fear Dubai will suffer greatly in months and years to come.

  65. S.A.Raheek said,

    This is very marvelous. This is my dream project to work with co-engineers. I hope i will be there soon

  66. Hitesh Shah said,

    its a very-very modern transportation system

  67. Tsigab said,

    Dubai is manmade paradise in UAE

  68. MohdRafeeq.payyoli said,


  69. Krishna Rangaraddi said,

    It’s a nice project,i’m proud as i working as QC Inspector.

  70. Faisal Arafath said,

    Amazing !! fantastic waiting for the Completion for the Project and to travel by the Metro services

  71. Mohamed Hussien said,

    Thanks Dubai..Thanks To Al Maktoum
    Now we can say to the World we can built & we can do …
    We are the first Emirate ( UAE ) in the world have elc ..train without driver…
    now we have the save transportation … we can move easily
    no trafic …
    Dubai is Gold

  72. Nusrat said,

    This the Best Project I Ever seen in my Life except Burj Dubai , palm jumaira all those

    But Now …………………………………………………..

  73. tahar said,

    thank you for this project and wich you continu on that you are an example for algeria

  74. Ansar Khan said, great ….metro project…surely save traffic on the road..must follow other gulf countries..can save investment in Vehicles….and oils…

  75. thukral said,

    its a very-very modern transportation system

  76. Bineesh Balakrishnan said,

    Definitly Dubai Metro becoming 2 change the face of dubai .

  77. dubai metro « The Leaves Of Life… said,

    […] PDRTJS_settings_49525_post_914 = { "id" : "49525", "unique_id" : "wp-post-914", "title" : "dubai+metro", "item_id" : "_post_914", "permalink" : "" } Détails […]

  78. Mududu washawasha said,

    mko juu aisee

  79. hitesh said,

    dubai is the very fantastic city n very free city.

  80. zahid said,

    God bless Dubai God bless Sheikh Muhammad.

  81. benmouiza mohamed said,

    It is really a great project that will help poeple’s movement in this developped city of dubai especially the business activits . As Algerian I ask Allah al aliyou al kadir to gard Al Maktoom Bin Rached and help him to go ahead in this kind of realisation that will encourage more and more other arabs countries to developpe there transportation network .
    why the arabs and muslims countries not contribute to construct high speed train ” TGV ” lines from Tanger in Morocco to Madina and Makka in Saoudia Arabia and also from Istanboul , Teheran, Bombay and all khalij capitals to Mekka by using this modern vehiculs in order to facilitate our hajijs movements .

  82. sajeermeethal said,

    wohhhI… wonderfull

  83. noushad said,

    This is good imaje in dubai

  84. noushadcp said,

    Fantastik But Please look in Indin Kogan Railway.

  85. PEDRO said,


    Dear Dubai,
    This metro is your development for city.
    We wish to expand to around the dubai will be spreded for this metro to make the beautiful city in the world.

  87. aditya said,

    its aedavence

  88. aditya said,

    its very good


    Dear Metro,
    Good development for this project for dubai.
    very nice job done by (mostly Indians) all…
    Thanks for everyone who is constructed and who is using the metro….

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