DUBAILAND : Twice the size of Walt Disney World in Florida.

June 12, 2007 at 6:16 pm (Dubai, Dubai Projects Photo Gallery, Photo Gallery)


Dubailand is the Middle East’s answer to Disney World. However, like most things in Dubai it will be bigger than its rival; twice as big in fact. It will be built in 4 stages, with the final stage being completed around 2020. Some parts of this mega project are already complete.

Theme Parks Great Dubai Wheel

Located in a prime area of Dubailand,
the Great Dubai Wheel will be one of the biggest in the world (bigger than London Eye). During the exciting journey on the wheel, the visitor will be able to view distances of up to 50 kilometres and hence will be able to see all the wonders of Dubai.

Dubai Snowdome
Duland Snow Dome
Dubai Land Snow DomeDubai Land SnowDome
The dome with its more than 200m diameter and 70m height will be the largest free-standing see-through dome structure in the world. The Snowdone will include a rotating ski deck, mountain run, training area, snow play area, toboggan run, pinguinarium, ice skating rink, ice skating adventure area and a flying theatre featuring a virtual flight over the Antarctic.

Culture & ArtFalcon City of Wonders

The project will feature cultural facilities with structures based on famous sites and the architectural marvels of the world, such as the Pyramids, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Spread over an area of 4 million square metres, it is shaped to represent the falcon, emblematic of the UAE’s heritage. In addition to that the project will consist of a full function Pharaohs Theme Park with multiple white-knuckle rides and roller coasters.Islamic Culture & Science World

The project provides state-of-the-art facilities for the promotion, understanding and research of Space, Natural and Human Sciences, as well as Islamic Culture, Arts and Literature. It includes a multi-purpose stage, International Cultural & Scientific Centre, exhibition area, museum, labs and other relevant facilities.Taaleem Beacon Education

The principal components of the Flagship School will include early childhood facilities, a primary/elementary school, two secondary/middle and high schools and a Junior College. The schools will offer day and boarding placements and there will be a youth hostel to accommodate visiting students.

Al Sahra Desert Resort

Al Sahra is a unique desert resort set in 40 million square feet of undulating sand dunes just thirty minutes from the heart of Dubai. Its star-attraction, “Jumana – Secret of the Desert”, is a world class extravaganza with spectacular light, laser, sound and pyrotechnics effects, staged in an imposing amphitheatre built in the style of an ancient Arabic settlement. Al Sahra Desert Resort offers restaurants, a traditional Souk with arts and crafts of the region, luxury tented lodges and a Caravanserai boutique hotel to ensure a memorable experience for visitors.

Al Kaheel
Al Kaheel will be an unique leisure attraction, resort and family entertainment community that will be distinctively different from all others. This horse lover’s paradise will be an educational theme park and a working horse farm that is dedicated to men’s relationship with the horse.

Science & PlanetariumsAstrolabe Resort
The project will present the first immersive entertainment environment based on education themes in the Middle East. The entertainment themes will also highlight the golden age of Islam, as well as leading figures in different fields of science during that prosperous period.Emirates Planetarium
An education based, entertainment oriented, space theme multi-complex project comprising of a planetarium, an education and entertainment centre, several space themed hotels.Sports & Sports AcademiesDubai Golf City

The project will house five themed signature courses, a golf academy, a six-star resort hotel & spa, golf communities, golf villages and retail souks. The city is envisioned to have courses that will be challenging and can be used by international golfing leagues for competitions.

Dubai Sports City

The region’s premier sporting venue featuring 4 giant-sized stadiums designed for international events including soccer, hockey, cricket and rugby. The project will also feature world renowned sporting academies.
Dubai Lifestyle City
The development will house the first, one of its kind ‘World Class’ IMG Sports Academy in the region. It will be home to an exclusive boutique seven-star hotel with a destination spa and a premium retail walkway to cater to exclusive sports and wellness products and services.
Plantation Equestrian & Polo Club
A Polo and Equestrian club with international standards. Components: 3 Polo fields, 5-star Hotel & Spa, Veterinary for horses and Polo Academy.

Motor City

A year-round destination for motor sports fans worldwide. The project will consist of the following attractions: DUBAI AUTODROME: an FIA sanctioned 5.39 km circuit, which offers six different configurations and incorporates a Race & Driving school and a CIK approved Karting track. FORMULA ONE THEME PARK: a visionary and permanent theme park offering simulator rides, thrilling live demonstrations, interactive museum, retail outlets, restaurants, memorabilia stores and more.Wellbeing & Health


An exclusive and luxury complex containing an international array of branded beauty-themed Spas providing relaxation treatments, and holistic therapies along with health and organic nutrition. The project will also feature: a Beauty Museum, a Beauty Academy, a Boutique Hotel and a boulevard where an exclusive selection of cosmetic and luxury brands will be retailed.


This total wellness resort (health farm) will be an ideal place whether you just need time away, desire a change, want to unwind or kick-start a healthier lifestyle. It will have something for everyone. The unique blend of traditional and advanced therapies will ensure that the visitors can leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Al Barari
A lush habitat of plants, desert vegetation and gardens from around the world surrounded by spectacular lakes and spice meadows, incorporating a spa utilising natural medicinal and complementary therapies. It will also include academic and cultural facilities.

Shopping & Retail

Dubai Outlet City

 A unique project comprising of the Dubai Outlet Mall, the first shopping mall for factory outlets in the region.

Dubai Bazaar

 The Islamic architectural design of this project will capture the true spirit of traditional Islamic marketplaces. Among the countless attractions, musical and artistic activities will be included.

Resorts & Hotels

Al Sahara Kingdom
Sahara Kingdom is Arabian Legend inspired by tales of 1001 Nights (alf layla wa layla, Shahriyar and Shahrazad). It is mix of complimentary retail, hospitality and entertainment. A fantastic world that weaves together the excitement, adventure, charm and beauty of a thousand and one different tales that happened in scores of places across the civilized world. Each of the Resort components relates to the comprehensive storyline of the development, which not only sets the tone for the thematic approach to the development, but also effectively scripts the guest experience expected for the resort -Sahara Kingdom will be an all inclusive destination development able to offer a complete range of experiences to all who visit.

City of Arabia

A gateway to Dubailand City of Arabia project will consist of the following components: MALL OF ARABIA:


 The largest mall in the world, with innovative and exciting themed areas, designer boutiques and exclusive salons in distinct Arabian architectural surroundings.
 Dinosaur-themed park featuring more than 100 animatronic dinosaur replicas in a lifelike environment, recreating the sights and sounds of 1 million B.C.
 Located at the heart of Dubailand, this will be a popular, innovative centre for retail and family entertainment and dining, featuring wide boulevards, street cafés, lush parklands and gardens.



  1. Muhammad Abdulkarim said,

    This is truly a great project. I would love to work there.

  2. indya said,

  3. bobbijo borges said,

    This is off the hook maybe it will fix the real estate issues in florida i hope so can i invest money in this ? let me know i rather invest in the us then dubai

  4. bobbijo borges said,

    look out l.a the weather is always better in florida only state in the u s with tropical climates all year round ………….

  5. RuRu said,

    fantastic!! fabulous!!! tremendous!!!!!! wonderful!!!! magnificent!!!!marvellous !!!! great!! remarkable!!!! extraordinary!! justt ammmmmmmazing!! i sweaar i’m soo speechless…!! great job guys!! keep it up!! dubai rox!! caan’t waaiiit!:):)
    ((FANTASTISCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) SCHON..!!!

    • Mikey said,

      Florida is miles better than Dubai

  6. Shahrzad said,

    So you are talking about me?! Waw, Dubai getting larger day to day. Many more buildings than wn i traveled there. Thank you to share fotos

  7. Nelson said,

    this is beautiful, very very good
    one day i go visit

    By Nelson Lima

  8. Dahlan said,

    Dubai will be “the diamond on earth”
    Great job for Dubai

  9. yazmin said,

    brilliant investment

  10. stewart ,dubai said,

    well all i can say is that what you see is only 10% of what H H and ruler of dubai he still would like to do a lot more. i live here in dubai and yes it all looks good but try living on a bloody big building sit all the to bobbijo borges dubai is the number 1 city in the world to invest in at the momunt as i sould know as i have payed out right for a 2 bed flat looking at the Burj Dubai .2 yrs ago i got it for $350,500,00 and now it is $ 560,350,00. as for the wearther dubai has about 1 weeks rain a year tops and is a lot hotter then the US this year it got to 51c and in winter it goes down to about 23c.

  11. Gert Paschke said,

    Hello dear Dubai friends,
    I am wondering about this tremendous construction plans and fantastic new ideas. But: what is going on, if one day all the UAE oil wells are dried out? What will be the source for the needed huge amounts of electricity? May be the sun can serve with its energy. I hope, the exspected millions of new Dubai inhabitants and all officials are aware of this serious question.

  12. Erik said,


    It is because the wells are running dry that they are now developing a major tourist industry (among becoming a big player in trade, and financial markets)…


  13. Carina said,

    Hi, i’m from Argentina, i’m 15 and i’ve been to Walt Disney World this year and i was amazed. I really’d love to visit Dubailand, it seems it’ll be absolutely fantastic. I love roller coasters and that kind of games and it seems this project’ll have a bit of everything. Good luck 🙂

  14. joy said,

    i wanna go there to find a job so that i can serve the people in time of servicing. nice plans and improve it more and more so many tourist will visit dubai. it’s so nice i love it and i like it its like a dream come true.. go for the best (dubai).

  15. noe said,

    seems dubai going to be a secular country. isn’t it ?

  16. noe said,

    seems dubai is going to be a secular country.

  17. Farah said,

    I think this is a serious waste of money and resources. We Middle Easterners should be ashamed of ourselves for spending these resources on such an affair as this.

  18. Farah said,

    Please do not delete my earlier comment. I think you should keep the negative comments on this page. If you delete it, it will be proof of your anti-democratic leanings.

  19. Dubai Property said,

    Such an unbelievably large project… 🙂

  20. bob said,

    i think its stupid

  21. Brien said,

    This city is a shinning jewel on earth, and Dubailand is another sparkle of light. As a global community we should be proud of Dubai. peace, health and prosperity for all!

  22. 40kl said,

    w00t ,i am lucky i live at dubai and i really want to go to dubai land , cant wait till 2020

  23. aamir mugheri dubai said,

    very god poroject end naic locin in dubai

  24. Saira Malik said,

    Hi, I am stuyding HRM in London and as part of one of our coursework I had to work our HR Planning for Dubailand. When I started workingon Dubailand’s HR Planning I came to know more and more about this amazind and hillarious project. I found it so interesting that I simply cant wait to see it .
    I want to finish my studies soon and later I have plans to work in Dubailand as an HR professional. Wow it would be wonderful experience – a lifetime experience I must say.

  25. Allen said,

    I LLLOOOOOVEEEE THE EGYPTIAN STRUCTURES!!!!!!!!! I CAN”T WAIT UNTIL I SEE IT IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Muhammad Waqas said,


    well all i can say is that what you see is only 10% of what H H and ruler of dubai he still would like to do a lot more. i live here in dubai and yes it all looks good but try living on a bloody big building sit all the to bobbijo borges dubai is the number 1 city in the world to invest in at the momunt as i sould know as i have payed out right for a 2 bed flat looking at the Burj Dubai .2 yrs ago i got it for $350,500,00 and now it is $ 560,350,00. as for the wearther dubai has about 1 weeks rain a year tops and is a lot hotter then the US this year it got to 51c and in winter it goes down to about 23c.

  27. rhamz said,

    i cant wait 2020, i am dying………….. amazing!!!

  28. Oyinda Ibrahim said,

    it is beautiful…….OMG…i cant wait…..Dubai u ROCK

  29. joaquin said,

    HI, joaquin from uruguay and Im reallyimpressed abaout what´s going to be dubailand
    As i know dubai is the land of horse racing so it would be amazing if they build more racing track (hipodromos) with more things for horses to be more comfortable as they are the best animals in world and we should show them respect…….
    INVASOR VIEJO NOMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. J said,


  31. mimoza said,

    ueeeee, it’s ameizing…..i haven’t any word to describe whati am seeing….i woud like to see those projects in reallity….. i hope to see those ore kind of those…..bravo architects….

  32. Mazin said,

    I just would like to inform you guys that the UAE does not rely on oil in its economy. Oil in dubai is only 10% of it’s economy. The rest of the economy relies on tourism, secondery industries and investments. Dubai is producing less oil year by year.

  33. andrew keirl said,

    im wanting to work over there at some point im a freelance audio visual technician
    loking for a contract any size i can handle bigger the better

    contact me direct


  34. haider said,

    fantastic a good lesson for leaderships alaround the world!!

  35. praveen kumar.s said,

    hi this is very nice to see in future artificial cities plays major role …………..

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  37. elizabeth said,

    i really want to go to dubai, i think it looks exelent 🙂

  38. Omar Azad said,

    Hi guys,

    These are all great plans and projects but my only question Will I be alive till then to watch all this, God knows when they will finish all these projects. But I am sure if these projects are all done, UAE will be theeeeee Best place to be 🙂 . Anyhow, I hope I live long to see all these beautiful things. Good Luck to all those companies and firms incharge of buildings there magnificant work of art, we are looking forward.

  39. muslim said,

    millions of people around the world are starving and the muslim leader likes to waste his money on all this materialistic objects its not right.
    and most of this stuff is not really required or needed.
    this stuff is useless. He should be helping the needy big time atleast if hes gonna do that with his money.
    My Allah guide all of us in the right path and take us to jannah inshallah.

    • Mikey said,

      I whole heartedly agree!!

  40. Robert said,

    How about adding an Olympic-class, 250-meter Velodrome with a retractable roof and wood track? While they’re at it, why not plan to be Summer Olympic-capable and make a bid for 2020 or 2024? . . . If the country is handling basic social needs thru either the public or private sector, I see nothing wrong in funding this extravaganza with the excess.

  41. Badusha said,

    wow this is a great project in the world. i would work there as an Animator.

  42. muhammad mohsin said,

    beautiful place with the beautiful people . yes ! you can say it’s dubai.

  43. Qaz Baloshi said,

    Brilliant, Amazing NEw Stuff you get only in this………. Area to See 🙂

  44. Thomas said,

    It looks great, but way too much, and overwhelming. I’m 110% satisfied with Disney World.

  45. Rasberi said,


  46. Danni said,

    looks AMAZING cnt wait itll it finaly opens

  47. Eva said,

    How big is Dubailand now as we speak ? We will go there in mid march 2009, will there be anything to see ? Wed LOVE to go there!

  48. Elin said,

    When I went to Dubai last year they had all ready started on the project, but it’s a big project that will be finished in 2028 or something… that’s a long time… When it’s finished i’ll take my kids to dubailand on wikation (if i’ve got any kids)! ❤

    Elin (17), Norway

  49. marcus said,

    This is amazing!!!!! but how are they going to transport the people? It would take ages to walk or even take a bus to the other end of the park

  50. rob said,

    wow cant w8 to go

  51. ShAMoOoSa,, said,

    & its right that Dubai is Nice & Beautiful..BUT still not the #1 in the Whole World!!=S
    & I like “the Disney World” its Fun!!=D

  52. susanne said,


  53. wellyson said,

    Impressionante deve ser emocionante passar o dia em dubai

  54. hareez haiqal@malaysia said,

    congratulation dubai..i hope u can open west country eyes…
    lets make islamic country better thn west country…

  55. Anonimo said,

    i think dubai is really nice and dubailand also, but nothing is gonna beat disney world and you guys know it


  56. dosti said,

    no coment

  57. mUSTAFA said,

    Its great !!!!!im from pakistan. im here only for vacation n bfore cuming here i thought that i would visit dubiland but when i came to know that it would’nt be opening till 2020 i was SHOCKED!!!!

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