Dubai Floating Bridge set to open next month

June 23, 2007 at 7:35 am (Dubai, UAE)

The ambitious Dh81.5m Floating Bridge project of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is expected to ease traffic situation on Al Maktoum Bridge as it would take up to 6,000 vehicles during rush hours, the RTA officials have said.

The bridge made of 20-metre-wide hollow concrete blocks will float in water.

The six-lane bridge, which is expected to open to traffic next month, is all set to provide to the commuters the much-needed alternative to Salik toll road. It will connect Deira with the Oud Metha Road.Situated just 500 metres south of the Al Maktoum Bridge, the Bridge is 300 metres long. It will end at the intersection to be built on Riyadh Street between Dubai Courts and Ras Al Khor Park. The rolling segment of the bridge allows it to open and close at intervals.




  1. james said,

    how about boats?re: floating bridge does the bridge go up and down like the Al Garhoud Bridge/Al Maktoum Bridge, the new bridge at buisness bay not sure if it goes up and down but the height is defintley taller and medieum size vessels can pass

  2. David D said,

    what is the technology behind the floating bridge ? How is this floating blocks connected to the the fixed beams at both ends?. How do they damp the vibration of the vehicles passing through the bridge? Or is it just conducted to the water !!!Also if there is an increase in the water level ,what will be the effect on the bridge? please post your answers

  3. tasneem said,


    i m a student of architecture in india….
    i hav stayed in dubai for almost 2 years and i m a regular visitor too…
    i would like to do a case study on floating bridge as a part of my academic interest…
    can u pls sent me the project report or any other data related to it….

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