Iphone:A guided tour

June 23, 2007 at 8:22 pm (Mobile Review)

Apple has  released a new 20-minute guided tour of the iPhone.
Soon in Dubai.



  1. Review: Apple IPhone « Dubai World said,

    […] Coming June 29 2007 @ 6 pm. Watch Iphone Video […]

  2. mahmood said,

    waaw its amazing and its really more then phone, would you please tell me where i can fine in abu dhabi or dubai.

  3. Tauseef mohammad shafi said,

    Hi… its realy wonderful thing i ever seen pls tel me in wich branch i can get this IPHONE i love it that pls inform me

  4. Khalid Algharabli said,

    i would like to buy iphone as soon , i need to know if i can get it from dubai an how much it is ?
    please feed me back very soon an urgent because im dreeming with this mobile from long time.

  5. Shaheen haneefa said,

    when will be the i phone release in uae and what will be the price for 4gb i phone in uae. please give me the answer as soon as possible .

    thank u

  6. ran said,

    please whe can i by this i phone frome dubai

  7. Mohammad Naser said,

    When and Where Can I find iphone in Dubai? Please help me

  8. Apple UAE said,

    I phone is ging to be launched in UAE in 2008,
    In europe it will be launched on christmas

    if you have any question please send it to

    George Busucker

  9. rashid Aziz said,

    when can one buy iphone in dubai> is it compatible for usage in the Middle east and asia

  10. Ahmed Ali said,

    where i can get it in the UAE and how mutch??????

  11. omar said,

    is it out yet , its the 1st of october today . please feedback

  12. Karima Samim said,

    I want to buy an I-phone, when will iphone will come to UAE. If I buy one from USA, can i use it here?

  13. jelly said,

    how much will it be in u.a.e?

  14. Praise-God said,

    Where can I get an iPhone by apple to buy in Dubai?

  15. Fuz said,

    well i got mine in dubai n im enjoying it… 🙂

  16. Mohammad Yousaf said,

    I would love to buy an iPhone from dubai but I don’t know where can get an iphone and what is the price?

    Anybody help me – regards,

  17. Mr. A said,

    Whats really amazing here is not the iphone, its the man speaking in the video. imagine he has no body only head and arm. and still he talks about iphone complete features while his body is not complete. hahaha…WOW!

  18. Yousef Haddad said,

    May I know where I can buy an iphone in Dubai?

  19. Gaurav said,

    I just want to know the Price for it, can anybody tell me bout the Price of i phone

  20. Goutham said,

    I need to buy an I Phone, if some nody can guide where can I find one and whats the actuall price does it cost, as I know some dealers they sell it for AED3500/- with out warranty.

  21. suzy said,

    iam waiting for an iphone, if i buy one from india can i use it here in dubai.

  22. may said,

    where can i buy this iphone in dubai and how much it would be?

  23. henrk said,

    iphone is very good
    you cane send to me what is the new one 3g 16 gb

  24. mc'lovin said,

    but i didnt know if i wanted to go anyway

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