Dubai Metro :Fare & Ticket FAQs

September 10, 2009 at 11:50 pm (Dubai Metro, UAE)

Fare & Ticket FAQs

Ticketing Information

1. What should I do if I experience a problem using one of the ticket vending
Dubai Metro Staff will be able to assist you with your problem

2. Where can I find out train times and prices?
All the train times and pricing information is available from the website
and all stations.

4. I have been issued with a penalty fare but do not agree with it what can I do?
If you have been issued a penalty fare and wish to challenge it, you will need to submit a
dispute letter/email via within seven days of issue.

5. Do you offer group discounts?
Unfortunately, at present we do not have information relating to this available.

6. What is a smart card?
A smart card is an easy to use pre-paid transport card, you can pre-load the card with Dhs
and use the balance to travel on public transport around Dubai, for example, you could
board a water taxi (abra) at Bur Dubai alight at a point close to a Metro station then board
a metro using the same card (providing you have sufficient funds on the smart card)
There are 3 types of CSC 1- NOL Silver 2- NOL Gold and NOL Blue. NOL Silver and
Gold can be bought from any Ticket office but NOL Blue needs to be apply at Ticket
office with required documents and RTA will send card through post at home.

7. How can I purchase a ticket? Will there be ticket office and vending machines?
You can purchase tickets from Ticket Offices and ticket vending machines at each station

8. Will there be sufficient ticket offices/machines provided that will allow travelers
to avoid the chore of queuing at peak hours?
  Every station will have sufficient number of ticket vending machines to serve the
  A common contactless smart card will be used to allow passengers travelling
between different modes of transport and can be purchased at both Metro and bus
  RTA/Serco will continue looking for any other means of ticket purchase that will
offer customers convenience.

9. Can you describe the smart card system used by the Metro?
  Stored value Can be left in your wallet when using
  Credit card size

10. Will you accept credit cards for payment of tickets?

11.Will the tickets be usable in other transport modes such as bus, ferry, taxi?

13. What happens if I damage or lose my ticket?
You are responsible for your ticket, so if you lost your ticket then you might have to pay
fine. For damage ticket station agent will examine the ticket if it damaged deliberately
then you will have to pay fine if you are in paid area but if ticket is faulty then you can go
to Ticket office to get replace your ticket.

14. How far ahead can I book in advance?
If you buy a CT(NOL Red) – you have to use it within 90 days and 90 days will start from
the date of purchase of your Ticket.

15. How can I amend my ticket?
All tickets are issued as non change able but you can pay access fare. For example if you
are in Tier 2 but you NOL Red is only valid for Tier 1 then you will have to ay the
difference between Tier1 and Tier 2.

16. How can I get a refund on an unused ticket?
CT’s are non refundable unless they are faulty. For Cards refund, you can go to the

17. How long will it take to get my refund?
Cash refunds are on the same day and Credit/Debit Card refunds, RTA will contact the
customer within 7 days.

18. I have been charged twice on my credit card, how do I get my money back?
May not be applicable, once operational we may know more.

19. What do I do if I have a problem with an online booking?
You need to call the RTA Service Center

22. Can I buy tickets in advance from a vending machine?
Yes you can purchase tickets for travel form any ticket vending machine, the ticket
purchased is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase after which time it will become

24. Can I purchase a ticket on the train?
No all tickets must be purchased before travel and are available from ticket offices and
ticket machines which are located at every station.

25. What and where is my card security code?
A security code is a three digit number that is unique to the card that you have, the
number can be found on the back of your credit/debit card where your signature is, the
three digit security code provides extra safeguarding for you as a customer.

27. Why has my credit/debit card not been accepted?
We only accept Visa and MasterCard, if you are still experiencing a problem using your

card please contacts the RTA on 800 90 90 for further advice.

Nol card

1. Can I still use Cash to travel?
You will not be able to use cash to pay for Bus, Metro and Water Bus. But you can
still use cash to pay for Parking.

2. What are the prices of cards and tickets?
The initial cost of a Nol Red Ticket is AED 2; which can be reloaded with up to 10
trips, the cost of trip varies depending on the number of zones passed. The Nol
Silver Card costs AED 20 which includes an initial e-purse value of AED

14. The
Nol Blue Card costs AED 70 which includes an initial e-purse value of AED20.

3. What is the cost of trips?
Fares vary based on the number of zones passed, but generally for cards, the fares
range from AED 1.8 for a short trip (less than 3 km) to AED 5.80 (for an all zone
trip), with a maximum daily cap of AED 14.00.
When using the Nol Red Ticket, the prices are slightly higher.
Please refer to the Fares Table (website link).

4. When will it all start?
You will be able to use the Nol Cards and Tickets starting on 9th September 2009
with the launch of Metro Red line.

5. Where Can I buy and Top up my Nol Card?
You can buy and top up your Nol Card at ticket offices, ticket vending machine,
authorized sales agents, and online (
Ticket Offices are available in all Metro stations and some Bus stations
  Ticket Vending Machines are available in all Metro and Bus stations and some
Bus stops, as well as other popular places such as shopping malls and airports.
  Authorized Sales Agents will be announced by RTA later on.
In the future, auto-top-up service will be offered to automatically top-up your Nol
card using your credit/debit card when your Nol Card goes below a specified

How Nol Cards and Tickets Work
1. How does a Nol Card/Ticket work?
The Nol Card is a contactless smart card, you just hold your Nol Card over a Nol
Card reader, and the reader is able to automatically validate the card, and deduct a
trip or deduct the correct fare for the journey taken.

Discounts and Concessions
1. Are there any discounts?
Children below 5 years can travel for free without a card.
In the future, RTA will introduce 50% discounts and 30-day passes for Students and
Senior Citizens, as well as free travel for people with special needs. RTA will also
introduce a loyalty points program which allows you to redeem points for variety of

2. What will children pay?
Children below 5 years of age and below 90cm (Metro) will travel for free (no card
required). Children above 5 will have to get a valid Nol Card / Ticket.
In the future, RTA will introduce a 50% discount for Students as well as discounted
30-day passes.

Using Nol Cards and Tickets
1. How do I use the Card/Ticket?
All you need to do is to touch your Nol Card on a Nol card reader. These readers
are located at the entry and exit gates of Metro and Waterbus stations; at the
entrance of every RTA Bus and on all RTA Parking Meters.

2. How do I Check-in and Check-out on Buses using my Card?
When you enter a bus you need to touch your card onto the Nol card reader,
located near the Bus driver. When you exit the bus, you also need to touch your
card on the reader. The system will check that your card has a valid travel pass,
calculate the fare for the trip you have just taken and deduct that amount from your
e-purse, or deduct one trip from your card, whichever the case may be. If you do not
check-out, the system will always deduct the maximum fare, so you should always
remember to check-out.

3.Can I travel by Bus and the Metro with the same Card?Yes. A Nol Card can be used on all modes of travel.
However with Nol Red Ticket you cannot change modes of travel using the same
ticket. So it can only be used for Bus only or Metro only.

Checking Your Balance
1. How can I check the remaining balance of my card?
The balance of your Nol Card will be shown when you check-in / check-out on
Metro and Buses. You can also view it from any ticket vending machine, ticket
office, and authorised sales agents.
Soon, you would be able to check it online by visiting

2. How is the balance deducted from the Card?
Funds are deducted when a Nol Card is tapped on a card reader located at Metro
gates, Bus and Water bus entrance points and on parking meters.

Nol Card Types
1. What are the different types of Nol Cards?
There are different types of cards; each has been designed for a specific type of
public transport user.
  Nol Silver Card is an ideal starter card that has been designed for use by
the occasional traveller.
  Nol Gold Card is the same as the Silver Card but allows its holder to travel
in designated Metro Gold Class cabins by paying a premium fare.
  Nol Blue Card is a personalised Nol card that carries an image of the card
holder. It has been designed for use by regular users and for people who
are entitled to concessionary travel.
  Nol Red Ticket is a paper-based card that can be bought from any ticket
vending machine or ticket office for only AED 2.00. It can be loaded with
up to 10 Trips. It is perfect for use by tourists and visitors to Dubai.

2. What is the difference between “Cards” and “Tickets”?
The main difference between cards and tickets, is that cards have an epurse,
which allows you to pay-as-you-go, all you have to do is load the epurse
with money and use it, and it will automatically calculate the cost of
your trip and deduct it from your e-purse. Cards can be used on all modes of
transport, and they are valid for 5 years.
The Ticket however does not have an e-purse, so it has to be pre-loaded with
the correct trip type, and when you use your ticket, 1 trip will be deducted.
Tickets can be loaded with up to 10 trips. Tickets can only be used on a
single mode of transport at a time (e.g. Bus only, Metro only), and they are
valid for 90 days.
The fares are slightly cheaper when you use a Card than when you use a
Ticket. So Cards are more economical than Tickets for the frequent
traveller, and Tickets are ideal for visitors and occasional travellers.
An extra advantage of Nol Cards is that they have a daily cap of AED 14.00,
so you will not be charged more than AED 14.00 per day, regardless of how
much you travel. This is not applicable for Nol Red Ticket.

3. When should I use a Nol Card and when should I use a Ticket?
Cards are ideal for you if you are a frequent traveller or wish to travel across
different modes of transport using a single card. Tickets are ideal for visitors
and occasional travellers.

Fare Media
1. What are the fares for different classes?
A NOL Card can be purchased for only AED 20 and can be topped up to a maximum of
AED 500. There are the following NOL Card categories with additional benefits – Gold,
Silver, Blue and Red.

2. For regular travelling commuting – will there be reduced price for weekly,
monthly and seasonal tickets?

3. Will there be discounts for students or senior citizens?
  Yes, they are planning to have discounts for senior citizens but not finalized yet
and children under the age of 5 years ride free on the metro.
4. Will the children travel free on the system?
  Yes – only if they are under 5 years old

Source : RTA

PDF can be downloaded from this link:


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